Alcantafru LTD.

Export fruits & vegetables

Who we are?

Alcantafru LTD. is a company dedicated to trading of variated fruits and vegetables such as lemons and oranges located in the south east of Spain,Murcia County.

What we do?

We are dedicated to find the best fresh products with a premium quality within south east of Spain such as broccoli, perppers, lemons,lettuces, coliflower, watermelons, melons, oranges, peach, serve to all our customers in Europe, highlighting German and Swiss Market.
All our companies, suppliers and producers of our products that we commercialize have a very high quality control of standards.
All producers and suppliers of the aforementioned products are monitored continuosly through quality standard control by being holders of certificate such as GLOGALGAP.

Our Products

  • Melón futuro

  • Granadas

  • Melón amarillo

  • Nectarinas

  • Sandia blanca

  • Melón cantalup

  • Ciruelas


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  • Lechuga iceberg

  • Alcachofa

  • Brocoli

  • Alcachofa blanca tudela

  • Apio

  • Alcachofa opera

  • Cogollos lechuga

  • Alcachofa buque

  • Pimiento california tricolor


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  • Naranjas

  • Limones

  • Mandarinas

  • Pomelos


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Address: C/Dos de mayo, 16, C.P.: 30820 Alcantarilla - Murcia - Spain
Phone: +0034 968 80 16 79
Fax: +0034 968 80 92 49